Small Round String Pouch tutorial - Loolaot

Small Round String Pouch tutorial

03 ינואר , 2014

small pouch

Small Round Pouch

This small round pouch easy and aesthetic. It’s a nice way to remember beautiful fabrics that went though the studio.

Inspired from the small and precious book : “Rangements a coudre ” Cecile Franconie. Ed. Le temps Apprivoise 


  • Exterior fabric:  1 circle of 30 cm diameter
  • Inside fabric: 1 circle of 30 cm diameter
  • 2 ribbons or string, 50 cm long each
  • 2 pearls
  • 1 safety pin


  1. Place right side facing right side of fabric of the two circle of fabric. Sew together, 1cm from the edge, leaving an opening to turn over on the right side. Close the opening.
  2. Sew around 105 cm from the edge, to form a small tunnel to thread the ribbons.
  3. Cut two small openings in the tunnel, one opposite the other. Hand sew around the small openings to keep them from ripping.
  4. With a safety pin, thread the ribbons in the small pouch, one opposite the other. Thread the pearls at the end of the ribbon for final touch.

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trousse bouteille

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