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A creative recycling kids spring camp

16 אפריל , 2015

IMG_4085Our spring camp came to an end after a week of colorful and creative recycling activites. Every day, we opened three different activities and the children would move from one an other according to their interest, rythm, and friendships. Some project would take a few days, some were project of one day, each one teaching different technics and mixing different materials. The overall athmosphere was...

Plastic Bottle Pencil case – A recycling project

14 מרץ , 2015

trousse bouteille 6

I found this great idea on the internet http://www.atelier-cherry.com/2012/08/estojo-de-garrafa-pet.html, made it and translated the tutorial in English (The original one was in Japanese ) This is great and easy project to make with children !

trousse bouteille

Materials :

Lower half of the platic bottle about 13 cm high

Fabric 15 cm wide x 32 cm long

sewing thread or embrodery thread


Edding 750 Paint...

Making your own Carnaval Mask and other accessories

16 פברואר , 2015

Venetian Carnaval Mask

Preparation have started around Pourim, the jewish carnaval. Children come to the sewing class and with curiousity try to find out which costume each one will be wearing. Most children want to keep it a secret and work hard not to reveal their costume. It’s an exciting game full of surprises and dreams come true with a lot of creativity and imagination. Most of my student make their own costumes,...

Making a Paper Ball Ornament – Tutorial

27 דצמבר , 2014


making a Paper BallPaper Ornament are beautifull and simple creations to make and hang at home adding a personal creative touch. It seems that I am particulary attrated to paper decorative object because of their lightness, movement, and beauty of simplicity.

This project is quite simple, it just takes one step at the time to put it all together. It’s a mix of collage, origami, paper craft and a great project with...

Making a Paper Lantern with kids

11 דצמבר , 2014


paper lantern englishI have done this project several times with children and it is always successful ! Children like building with icecream sticks and most of all copying and drawing on transparent tracing paper. This project takes a while and you can work on step at the time…


16 Ice cream sticks

Tracing paper strip 48cm x 12 cm

11,5×11,5 foam board (1cm thick)

Decopatch Paper or other decorative paper


Launching Decopatch in Israel

17 אוקטובר , 2014

For the first time, during the artist Festival in Benyamina, where I live and where my studio is, I launched the Decopatch collage papers and collection. It was a huge success !

Three days of the joy of creating. In a country side environment, children, families, adolescents and adults visited our booth. We had organized tables for a decopatch workshop. People chose what they where interested in...

Making a fabric chain garland from left overs Fabric

10 אוקטובר , 2014

guirlande de tissus

It’s always fun making a chain garland, adding colors one after the other and wishing for the garland to grow longer and longer.

I came up with a great fabric garland on LRstiched’s blogand went straight into my huge fabric scrap bag in the Studio. I am always looking for new ideas to reuse these small pieces of fabrics, and immediately went to work. I simplified LRstiched tutorial by just gluing...

The way to openning a Craft Store

28 ספטמבר , 2014

Decopatch Store in the Studio

Two month have gone by since my last post ! It has been like a hibernation before major changes have took place in my creative life. During this period I fulfilled a long time dream of opening a craft store, an online store and starting importing and distributing a creative craft product : Decopatch in Israel.

I got to the point where I was ready to let go of my fears, understood they were not...

Pencil Case Box Tutorial

19 יולי , 2014

This pencil case box is one of my students favorite sewing project being made during sewing classes. It’s easy, useful and the result is stunning. Read more ...


Decorating a shoebox – Kids Summer craft activity

18 יולי , 2014

This activity was inspired from Alisa Burke‘s work of which I am a big fan.

Easy and fun to make, children from age 6 made these boxes. The older the children, the more they have patience to go into decorative details. Kids are very independent with this activity.

Read more ...

Rag rug crochet Tutorial

24 מאי , 2014

Adi came to the Studio with a huge bag of jersey fabric rags. She wanted to crochet a rug as a spiral. As I explored new Technics I found the crochet on a rope Technic that seamed interesting ... Read more ...


Children create their Paper Mache lamp

15 מאי , 2014


This project started from my love for lamps and my love walking children through step by step projects.

I often find every day lamps boring, the same, with a lack of personality. When this project was born, I was very inspired by the French Artist Nicki de Saint Phalle. Read more ...

Crochet Flowers – Three colors

10 מאי , 2014

Crochet flowers are fun to make, quite easy and colorful.

As I knit, I play with colors. Each color has it’s feeling, energy, tells a story. I can choose to combine them in an instinctive way, just choosing the color I feel at this exact moment. Or I can choose color according to a preset understanding of color harmony. Read more ...

Yoyo flowers

02 מאי , 2014


I love making Yoyo flowers. Recycling scrap fabric, sewing by hand, choosing beads, taking the time. 

Making a Store Sign

29 אפריל , 2014

Creating a Puppet Theater box

04 מרץ , 2014

Small friends – Felt miniature dolls

01 מרץ , 2014

The bento bag Tutorial

24 פברואר , 2014

First Post

22 פברואר , 2014

The book Wall

26 ינואר , 2014

Creating a vest from recycled clothes

25 ינואר , 2014

The snow scarf, the story behind creating a project.

18 ינואר , 2014

Creating in the studio in 2013

04 ינואר , 2014

Small Round String Pouch tutorial

03 ינואר , 2014